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Tooth extraction is a simple, routine procedure with a low risk of long-term complications. While it may seem intimidating, the procedure is painless when performed by an experienced dentist and the recovery process is simple.

Causes for Tooth Extraction

There are many reasons that a tooth might need to be extracted. One of the most common is severe tooth decay. If the damage has progressed beyond the point where the tooth can be saved, it should be removed before causing further damage to the surrounding area. Extraction can prevent infection and make you more comfortable.

Other reasons for extractions include impacted teeth, malfunctioning teeth, or teeth that cannot be cleaned easily, such as wisdom teeth. Because many people do not have a jaw large enough to accommodate the wisdom teeth, they can cause crowding, inflammation, infection, or other complications. Extraction is a simple solution for all of these issues.


For the most part, extracting a tooth is a simple procedure that lasts only a few minutes. After x-rays have been taken to examine the area, your dentist will numb the tooth, gum and bone. While there will be no pain, you will feel pressure on the tooth. By applied applied pressure to the socket with dental forceps, most teeth can be removed without surgical intervention.


After a dental extraction, you will be given a specific set of instructions for caring for the extraction site in the time immediately following the procedure. Gauze will be packed into the socket to minimize bleeding for the first few hours. You may be prescribed pain relieving medication to help ease discomfort over the next few days.

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