Dr. Clayburgh’s Philosophy on Dental Care

The foundation of my philosophy of care is the Golden Rule. Every decision that I make from business policies to treatment planning to the technical steps involved in the delivery of care at some point has this question applied to it: Is this the kind of dental treatment that I would want for myself or my loved ones? Every decision must ultimately pass that test.

I have always been drawn to educational systems, organizations, and people who help me to better understand who and what I am and how I relate to the world around me. Regarding the practice of dentistry, what I have come to clearly understand is that the people who are most successful in achieving their highest level of oral health are those who most fully embrace the value of learning concepts of oral health and who then make personal commitments to use that knowledge to better their lives. To this end, I have long felt that my most important roles as a dentist are as an educator and as a motivator.

For me, the most rewarding aspect of being a dentist are the relationships that grow while witnessing the transformation that often occurs when we help a person move from a condition of disease and perhaps despair to a state of comfort, health, exquisite function, and beauty. The transformation is usually about self-esteem. It may be subtle but is often life changing from the way a person dresses, to the way they carry themselves, to social and relationship and professional success. It is personally uplifting and a wonderful privilege to be allowed the opportunity to be involved with people in such a personal manner.

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